Application form for a scholarship (tuition-fee waiver) for studies commencing in Autumn 2021
Use this application form to apply for the tuition-fee waivers that are administered by Dalarna University. Before proceeding with this application, you MUST submit your admissions application via www.universityadmissions.se 

Please note that tuition fee waivers for new students are only offered for Master's Programmes. 
Scholarship applications submitted after the March 25th deadline can only receive a maximum award of 10 000 SEK tuition-fee waiver per semester if selected for a scholarship.       

In addition to completing this application, you must also upload a CV/Resume to your University Admissions account and create a video where you explain why you should be awarded a scholarship.

We suggest that you create your video motivational statement prior to filling out this form.
1. Please write your give name(s), followed by your surname(s) as it appears on your passport.
2. Gender
3. Date of Birth
4. E-mail address where you can be contacted
5. Your Country of Citizenship/Passport Issuing Country
6. Application number from UniversityAdmissions.se
(8 digits)
7. Which program have you applied to study at Dalarna University
8. What priority did you list this program in your University Admissions account?
9. What is your grade point average (GPA) from your Bachelor degree?
If you are currently completing your Bachelor degree please write your most recent GPA. If your university does not calculate GPA please write "No GPA".
10. Motivation Statement (Video Format)

Dalarna University Scholarships are awarded based primarily on an applicant's academic merit and relevant professional experience. Please create a video recording (no longer than 60 seconds) where you explain why you should receive a scholarship from Dalarna University. You must upload the video to a platform (Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, ICloud, etc.) that the scholarship committee can use to watch the video. Do not upload the video to Facebook or other social media platforms.  Please share the link to the video here.

It is your responsibility that the video can be viewed by the scholarship committee, using only the link you provide.
11. Use of personal details

I accept that Dalarna University will store the personal data I've stated above. The data will not be shared outside the university. I also understand and accept that if I am awarded the scholarship, my name and picture may be published on the Dalarna University website.

12. Upon completion of your studies in Sweden, do you plan on residing in an OECD-country?
(The answer to this question does not affect your chances of getting a scholarship and is only used for reporting purposes.)