Examination at a Different Location

The study period is now finished. We will respond to applications submitted during the summer, earliest on the 5th of August.

This form is for students at the Faculty of Technology! 

If you are at another location for exceptional reasons at the time of the examination, you can apply for doing the examination at a different location. You can also apply to do the examination close to your home adress if you are active on a distance course.

You should NOT register for a seat in Ladok if you plan to take the examination on distance.

Examination at a different location is not anonymous. Write your name and ID-number when you hand in the examination.

Apply well in advance! Minimum 2 weeks before your examination is recommended.

Examination organizers in Sweden: https://www.nitus.se/ 

Swedish embassies and consulates

Who can apply?

Students can be granted to take their examination at another location if there are exceptional reasons and the legal requirements for examination are met. By exceptional reasons is meant illness or other compelling reason that makes it impossible for the student to travel to the examination location, or if the student is at another location as a result of the requirements of the course/programme (e.g.placement, internship, independent degree project).

What kinds of places are approved as examination locations?

The examination can be arranged at another university college, university or municipal learning center offering higher learning courses. Outside of Sweden, embassies and consulates are approved locations for examination. Former LNU exchange students may do re-examinations at their home university.

Who is responsible for making the proper arrangements?

The student is responsible for booking the place and looking into whether there is a suitable examination room, invigilation available, as well as for any other requirements for the conduct of the examination at the location. It is essential that you include detailed information about the contact person at the different location in your application.

Can I take my examination at another day/time?


All rules for examination apply as at the regular location and all instructions must be followed. For example, the examination at a different location must take place on the same date and within the same timeframe as the regular examination. The examinee must be seated until 50 min. after the start time at LNU. It is allowed to start maximum 3 hours earlier, if the location has different opening hours. The examinee may leave the room earliest 50 min. after the start time at LNU.


The university/learning center where I wish to take my examination charges an administrative fee - who should pay for this?


Examination sitting at a different location should not involve any additional costs for the Linnaeus University. All additional costs are paid for by the student.


To send your application, please fill out the form below in detail. Use the field "Other information" if you have any questions. Applications are processed once per week. Contact person: Emeli Wickström 0470-76 74 64

Incomplete or late applications will not be processed.

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