You have received this mail since we hope that you are willing to fill in a survey that is part of an international research project focusing the relation between work and family (ISWF). The survey consists of 50 questions that will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. The questions are mainly about your experiences of the relation between work and other parts of life and how you manage this very relation. There are also more general questions about how you experience that the Swedish culture and the organization you work in apprehend, for example, work and family. 

An important aspect of the project is to be able to make international comparisons, data from Sweden is crucial in order to capture the Swedish situation. Since the same survey will be sent to more than 30 countries, the questions are constructed so that they are applicable to different countries. You are most welcome to share the email and the survey to employed persons in your networks and beyond.

The international projects is led by Barbara Beham (Berlin School of Economics and Law), Tammy Allen (University of South Florida) and Ariane Ollier-Malaterre (University of Quebec in Montreal). The data collection in the Swedish is conducted by Jean-Charles Languilaire, senior lecture in business administration Malmö University and Ann Bergman, Professor in working life science, Karlstad University.

The results from the survey as a whole will be presented as aggregated statistics where separate individuals will not be possible to identify, since it is mainly based on various categories (i.e. gender, age, sector and country).

The survey is anonymous and no personal information about who has answered a certain questionnaire will be stored. The survey is hosted by the digital survey platform Sunnet, at Malmö University. The material is protected by regulations about ethics in line with Swedish Standards.

The survey is entirely anonymous so that we cannot trace individual respondents and cannot even trace who is not answering. The data is colected via Sunet and we follow rules in the system. The material is further protected by rules and regulations on confidentiality and secrecy, which means that none other than those included in the research team are allowed to access the material. We also follow regulations set by Malmö University and Karlstad University.

Thank you for your participation and we are grateful if you could spread the survey further by forwarding this email.



Jean-Charles Languilaire, Malmö University

Ann Bergman, Karlstad University


Contact person:

Jean-Charles Languilaire

Department for Urban Studies, Malmö University, SE-205 06 Malmö