Dear NEON member,

Thank you for wanting to complete this questionnaire on dietary assessment instruments which you have (co-)developed!  We hope that this inventory will be a source of information for those involved in nutritional research in the Nordic countries!

Practical tips before you start:
  • Please use one completion form per developed instrument (check with your collaborators, so you can prevent duplicate work and share the load of completing various forms)
  • If you know of colleagues within the geographic area who have developed a dietary assessment instrument, but who are not on the NEON send list, please forward them the link.  We are keen to be as inclusive as possible, so this inventory can be used by many researchers in many (Nordic) settings
  • Even if your tool was designed to assess one aspect of diet (e.g. a specific nutrient), we would still like to include it in this inventory.

The majority of the data we collect in this questionnaire is in all likelihood already publicly available, with possible exception of your contact details.  We therefore want to draw your attention to below text.

Consent: The processing of your personal data by Örebro University is based on your consent.  You may withdraw the consent at any time, and the data may not be retained or processed without any other legal grounds.  By collecting data on your contact details (e.g. name, email), Örebro University will be able to supply this information to the NEON-network and eventually the website of NEON.  The data at Örebro University will be processed for the period of 10 years, after which the information will be deleted.  You can find out what has been registered about you or have feedback on the processing or information collected by contacting Marleen Lentjes.  Questions about how Örebro university handles personal data can be sent to the Data Protection Officer at  Complaints that can not be resolved with Örebro University may be submitted to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection.

As mentioned in the consent, this inventory will be made available on the NEON website.  By filling in the current questionnaire you consent to these data being published and made freely accessible to interested readers.

We aim to send out a questionnaire to update this inventory on a yearly basis.  We hope this inventory will be of use to many.  Thank you in advance for your contribution!

With best wishes,

Marleen Lentjes, Örebro universitet
Linnea Bärebring, Göteborg universitet

We like to thank members of the NEON workgroup for their feedback and help in creating this questionnaire.